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Pet Insurance

Rivertown Animal Hospital does not sell pet insurance and does not receive financial compensation from any insurance provider. Our only interest in pet insurance is to inform you of its availability to assist you in the cost of quality care for your pet.

Pet Insurance Benefits

At Rivertown Animal Hospital, we know how much our clients love their pets and consider them a family member. Most people underestimate the amount of money they will spend on veterinary care during the lifetime of their pet. The availability of specialty care, including advanced diagnostics, internists and surgical specialists, while expanding the treatment options for our pets, has also increased the cost of care.

Pet insurance allows you to have more choices for veterinary care. Owners with pet insurance visit the veterinarian more often and sooner when their pet needs care. There are numerous plans available for pet insurance.

Considerations when searching for pet insurance:

  • The younger your pet is when you purchase the insurance the lower the premium
  • The higher the deductible the lower the premium
  • Some plans are very limited and only cover accidents
  • Very few companies offer wellness plans
  • A reason to purchase insurance early is to avoid the exclusion of preexisting conditions
  • Check policies for coverage of breed-related hereditary conditions
  • Check policies for multi-pet discounts

Our staff is available to answer your pet insurance questions.

Learn More About Pet Insurance

Rivertown has found the following pet insurance company benefit our clients:

For pet insurance reviews visit

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Therapeutic Diets Available at Rivertown:
Rivertown Animal Hospital carries Royal Canin, Purina and Hill’s therapeutic diets. These diets are specially formulated for specific medical issues such as obesity, allergies, kidney disease or orthopedic problems. These diets provide excellent nutrition and have profound health benefits.

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