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End-of-Life Care

A Comforting Place to Say Goodbye

Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is a very difficult experience. We take great care to create a comforting atmosphere and ensure a peaceful passing. Our comfort room is designed to give you a homelike setting where you can spend these last special moments with your pet.

Our comfort room feels like home. Take your time saying goodbye. Enter and leave through the private door.

Kissing Dog   Comfort Room

Resources to help you during a difficult time

To learn more about euthanasia and grief support visit our special section.

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Why not let their last day be a good day? When I had to face this issue with my dog, Abby, I didn’t want her to suffer or be in pain, not eating, with a poor quality of life. This is what I tell my clients, hoping my experience will help them.Dr. Ginger Garlie