Digital Radiography, Dr. Strupp

Digital Radiology

Not just for fractures

Radiographs (x-rays) are essential for diagnosing disease. Used for diagnosing dysplasia, fractures and other orthopedic problems, x-rays also aid in diagnosing heart disease, pneumonia, gastrointestinal foreign bodies, bladder stones and cancer. Digital images are high quality and are easily shared with clients or consultants in printed or electronic form.

Digital dental radiology finds undetected issues

Dental radiology is an important part of our dental service. Digital dental x-rays are essential to diagnose abscessed teeth, fractured roots, periodontal disease and oral tumors. Many of these conditions would go undetected without dental x-rays. Learn more about our dentistry services.

PennHIP radiology identifies hip dysplasia

PennHIP is a radiographic method for quantifying a dog’s hip structure and diagnosing hip dysplasia. PennHIP requires a veterinarian to have advanced training to perform this technique, which requires anesthesia. Rivertown’s Dr. Kathy Strupp is PennHIP Certified.