Thank you Rivertown Vet Techs!

vet-techs-webIt’s National Veterinary Technician Week and, while we appreciate our Rivertown vet techs every day, this week we bring special attention to this hardworking and dedicated crew.

Vet techs have an incredibly broad range of skills and responsibilities. If they were working in the field of human medicine, in one day they might perform the tasks of a registered nurse, x-ray technician, dental hygienist, and phlebotomist.

We couldn’t run our practice without them.

Here are some of the tasks a vet tech performs on a given day:

  • Gather patient histories
  • Collect specimens
  • Perform lab procedures
  • Provide specialized nursing care
  • Prepare animals, instruments, and equipment for surgery
  • Assist with diagnostic, medical, and surgical procedures
  • Perform teeth cleaning
  • Expose and develop x-rays
  • Advise and educate animal owners

vet tech week image

And then there’s the comfort they provide to frightened animals and their owners.

It’s not an easy job and it’s vitally important, and so we thank our Rivertown veterinary technicians for their dedication and passion!

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