Fourth of July Safety Tips

4th of july party pupFor us, July 4th is a holiday for fun and celebration, however it can be a terrifying time for our dogs and cats. According to more pets go missing on July 4th than any other day.  This is an important time to consider what you can do to prevent the fear and trauma your dog or cat may experience and to keep them safe at home. Are you going to the Stillwater Fireworks? Leave your dog at home.

We all know that fireworks are loud, explosive and potentially dangerous. To pets they be terrifying. Sparklers and firecrackers can cause serious damage to pets and children. Keep your pet in a quiet, safe place away from fireworks.  Turn on soothing music for distraction and if needed, talk to your veterinarian about calming medications, a Thundershirt or pheromones that may help lessen your dogs anxiety.

July can be hot and the danger of heatstroke is always present. Exercise your dog early in the day when it is quiet and not too warm.  Offer plenty of water.  Be aware of the warning signs of overheating.

Never leave your pet in a parked car. Your car can turn into an oven in a matter of minutes.american pup

July 4th parties and picnics provide ample opportunities for eating junk food.  Dogs can become seriously ill with vomiting and diarrhea by over indulging on people food. Keep them away from the barbecue grill to avoid burns and eating grease that drips below the grill.

Going to fireworks on the 4th?  Again – leave your dog at home.  If you must take your dog out on the 4th be sure he or she is microchipped and wearing an identification collar.

Prevention is the best way to keep your pet healthy this weekend.  Avoid that trip to the AECRC (Animal Emergency Clinic and Referral Center) but if you need them they are ready to help.

For more information from the AVMA on July 4th Pet Safety click here.

Have fun this July 4th and Happy Birthday America!

Ginger Garlie and her pups

Dr. Ginger Garlie Gigi and Holly

Dr. Ginger Garlie