Rivertown Hosts Educational Seminars for Pet Owners

dog reading a bookRivertown Animal Hospital invites you to our upcoming spring seminar series Let’s Talk Pet Health! to be held at our Liberty Village location in Stillwater.

The four, Tuesday evening seminars, are designed to educate and inform those interested in learning more about veterinary health care for their dogs and cats.

The first seminar is Tuesday, March 24th and will be an informative evening on the benefits of pet insurance and it’s role in helping manage the cost of veterinary care.

Other seminar topics include: cold laser therapy for the management of pain, inflammation and healing; feline health and why vomiting may be a sign of more than hairballs; and pet nutrition and the prevention and management of overweight dogs and cats.

Our seminar speakers come from veterinary industry and veterinary specialty practice and bring expertise to the topics they are presenting.

For more information please check out our seminar flyer at Let’s Talk Pet Health!

The date of the May nutrition seminar with Dr. Valerie Enlow, will be announced as soon as we have the date finalized.

We hope you will join us for one or all of these evenings.  Please give us a call if you plan on attending so we can be prepared and have seating available for everyone.

If you have ideas for future talks, we would love to hear from you!

Ginger Garlie and her pups

Dr. Ginger Garlie Gigi and Holly

Dr. Ginger Garlie